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Thread: The effects of warming: Kilodeaths

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    These U.S. Cities Are Most Vulnerable to Major Coastal Flooding and Sea Level Rise | Climate Central - has a list of 25 cities that are vulnerable to coastal flooding, sorted by the populations at risk from this calamity. New York City was on top, Miami FL was second, and all the others were Florida cities except for Charleston SC and Atlantic City NJ.

    The page has a risk-zone map that is initially set to NYC, but that can go to anywhere in the world. For the sea-level rise indicator, choose meters to get a larger range (30 meters ~ 100 feet). The feet one only goes to 10 ft (3 m). Look at many coastal cities, You'll be shocked at how low many of them are. Even some inland cities are vulnerable, like DC, Philadelphia, and London.

    Ice is melting in Greenland and Antarctica. It is measured by the GRACE gravity satellites and their successors. Ice accumulates in the local winter and melts in the local summer - melting more than it accumulates. So Greenland and Antarctica are slowly losing their ice cover.

    Greenland's ice sheet just lost 11 billion tons of ice -- in one day - CNN
    Greenland Ice Loss 2002-2016 : GRACE-FO
    Antarctic Ice Loss 2002-2016 : GRACE Tellus
    Accelerating changes in ice mass within Greenland, and the ice sheet’s sensitivity to atmospheric forcing | PNAS
    Climate-change–driven accelerated sea-level rise detected in the altimeter era | PNAS
    Ice Sheets | Vital Signs – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

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    Always what might be in a non specified future by some alarmists, or in 12 years by the prophets of doom that have no idea or the credible science to back up their falsehoods!

    How about showing one, just one prediction of doom that's actually happened!

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