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Thread: Highway Crossings for Wildlife

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    Poor P-61 struck and killed trying to cross the 405

    A mountain lion known for crossing the Los Angeles 405 freeway was struck and killed by a vehicle early Saturday morning, according to National Park Service (NPS) Ranger Ana Beatriz. The mountain lion known as P-61 lived in the Santa Monica mountains near the Sepulveda Pass, Beatriz said in a statement. He wore a radio collar around his neck so researchers could track his movements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gun Nut View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by steve_bank View Post
    In deer and moose country it is a real problem. In Maine they tried reflectors that directed headlights off the road to hopefully scare off critters.

    In some sates road kill is sent to jails and prisons.

    Skunks are not uncommon, 'dead skunk in the middle of the road'.
    I thought that too when I moved to Colorado... turns out it's just the pot.
    Skunk weed? They don't test for that in CO?

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