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Thread: Flat Earth

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    I looked at the book to see who originated the great lie. A great many of the pages were blanked out. However from what I could read, the conspiracy originates with Zionism. And Communism. Which, it turns out, are the same thing. I could find no explanation of why it is to the advantage of Communism or Zionism to advance the round earth theory. How does that help their quest for world domination? Perhaps someone can educate me.
    I skimmed through a few pages. It seems like a lot of work and effort for a whole lot of nothing. Could be worth reading for its entertainment value.
    The same tired, flawed arguments and misunderstandings of physics and geometry that you see repeated ad nauseam on youtube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBT View Post
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    During the campaign I thought surely there could not be many people who woul fall for Trump's cpn job. I was wrong.

    I thought the same on FE until the reponses on actual meetings.

    Democracy is supposed to depend on a educated reasoning population. How can one get through any high school and believe FE?

    We see some of this stuff from elected educated officials. We may be thousands of years away from a rational civilization.
    Check out some of the American gun forums that have general discussion. There are so many young earth creationists to be seen that its downright scary .....
    I've seen no correlation between YEC and FE... and not especially so amung gun enthusiasts.

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