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Thread: Stock Market Plunges Hundreds With News Mad Man Running US

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    Lightbulb Stock Market Plunges Hundreds With News Mad Man Running US

    WASHINGTON DC -- The DOW has dropped 400 points as of Noon today upon the revelation that the United States has a mad man as President. The information was confirmed by thousand of nonsensical and rambling Tweets by the President over the past 30 months. The Tweets appeared to be in-line with approximately 30 months worth of senseless statements in public, a heartless immigration policy, and the most untrustworthy decision making policy that has put the US at odds with friends and foes alike.

    Workers on Wall Street have indicated that his presumption, which was cautiously taken as jest, that he was "the chosen one" put him over the top in the minds of investors, in to "mad man" territory causing them to sell.

    The Dow was waiting to see "just how mad" the President was this afternoon before selling out entirely in the market.

    Larry Kudlow, Trump's Director of the National Economic Council tried to calm down fears of Trump being a mad man, indicating that "all of the greatest leaders have been considered crazy".

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    Looks like Kudlow was on Fox news Sunday morning and he was hammered to the gills.
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