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Thread: New Computer Goodies

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    I just swiped my brother's. He got a laptop about a year ago and uses that keyboard. I think he forgot about the keyboard on the slide out shelf of his desk. He hasn't hollered yet.
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    My problem with KBs isn't operation. My sweat is so acidic I dissolve lettering within a couple months. I learned touch type in HS and I'm pretty good at it. Not fast but I generally know where particular letters be. However, in the dark, I need re-reference once or twice per sentence. Pains in the neck. I do have a tendency to either skip or not engage spaces so a lot of run on letters need be broken up into words. Put together with my atrocious spelling and letter swapping you'd think I would just talk to my computer. But that's really not possible in a one room computer and entertainment center.

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    As long as the keyboard has properly positioned alternate keys I'm good. While programming I use the home, end, and shift-arrow, shift-ctrl-arrow combination a lot, among a few others. But my muscle memory for alternate keys is firmly entrenched on PC oriented keyboards.

    Luckily when I'm at my laptop I'm usually just on social media. If I'm working from a laptop it slows me down a fair bit, especially coupled with the single screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Higgins View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheerful Charlie View Post
    After many years of use, my trusty Dell keyboard is getting old and very dirty. It has been a good keyboard but it is time to retire this one. So I just ordered a new, shiny keyboard. A Tecware Phantom with mechanical switches and back lit so I can type in the dark.


    Also 32 Gb of memory so I can use virtual machines with my system. Did I mention my keyboard lights up in the dark? I got a model with no number pad which I rarely use and which just eats up desktop space. And it has LEDS that light up in the dark! Since I spend a large part of my life on a damned keyboard, I am very excited to have a shiny new clicky key, back lit toy keyboard like all the cool gamer kids.

    This is almost like Christmas.
    Oh goodness.. a keyboard without a keypad to me is a airplane with no wing(s). My new (-ish now) laptop has a backlit keyboard. I had never had one before. It is nice in low light conditions. I'm usually pretty good, but it helps. I don't like that it is green... green?! I guess that means it is a gaming thing.
    My wife is an accountant. A keyboard with a number pad is essential to her.
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