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Thread: What TV are you watching and how would you rate it? [Revive from FRDB]

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    I recently got a Roku for my living room TV, and an Amazon Fire stick for the one in the bedroom. Not having cable or satellite I've been casting about for streaming stuff that's free, and have come across a couple good ones.

    Pluto TV. It's basically like a little cable network of it's own. There's movie channels, news channels, music, and some on demand stuff that's nothing special, but worth every penny.

    Dustx. This is the streaming version of the YouTube channel Dust. Independent short science fiction films. Some of them are surprisingly good. Like this:

    (View video on YouTube)

    It's like having a new short Twilight Zone episode available every week.

    Some of these channels haven't quite figured out the best way to run ads just yet...the same 2 or 3 commercials will interrupt the show/movie at random times...but that's a minor quibble. There's a smorgasbord of great content out there, and it's all free.

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    Well, I just got done with the Americans and give it a 9.5/10. It is a truly excellent piece of work, with brilliant writing and exceptional acting, especially from Keri Russell, who made you worry she was going to have a coronary several times.

    What should I watch next?

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    I Zombie - 8/10

    A very funny show about a doctor who gets bitten by a zombie at a party and takes a job in the morgue in order to get herself enough brains to eat so she doesn't turn into a mindless monster and rampage across the city, since a steady diet of brains keeps her close enough to human. One of the twists is that eating the brains lets you get flashes of memories from the person, so she ends up pretending to be a psychic by eating the brains of murder victims and helping the cops find the killers. She also kind of takes on the personality of the person, so they get her playing completely different characters from show to show, depending on what the person who got killed was liked, which is a very nice addition.

    Fun and entertaining, but it went on for four seasons and they kind of ran out of ideas after the first two. It ended strong, though.

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