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Thread: What TV are you watching and how would you rate it? [Revive from FRDB]

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    Yeah, I am spitting chips that I didn't find this until well into the first season. Loving it.
    My Brane Hertz

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    Season 2 of The Orville.

    I just got done watching Episode 3, where

    the show bid farewell to the actress who played Alara...the security chief. I knew from following the show that she had another series that led her to leave, but unlike a lot of other series they sent her off right. Wrote an entire episode that featured her and a couple actual Star Trek actors, and at the end the cast said a long, tearful goodbye.

    The show has flaws, but it also has heart.

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    Watching 'Weeds' ...which portrays an incredibly dissolute social order, or more to the point, social disorder. Hopefully it doesn't portray life in America as it actually is.

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    Handmaid's tale season 1 & 2 (6/10)

    It's a kind of what if scenario if the Iranian revolution had happened in USA. To make it more believable they throw in an affliction that have left most people sterile. So "fallen" fertile women are forced by the religious elite to be surrogate mothers for their sterile wives. Well, acted and beautifully filmed. It's slow. Which I like. One great thing about it is that it's largely seen from the perspective of the main character, who is a surrogate mother. So the audience is lacking a lot of information about what is going on. Makes it more surreal, which is good. It's touted as a feminist series. The book certainly was. But I'm not seeing it for the series. I see it more as an example of how absolute power corrupts absolutely, regardless of the gender of who is in power.

    I binge watched both seasons. I initially loved it, but grew out of love. It doesn't really go anywhere. The last episodes of the second seasons they're just milking it IMHO. It's now renewed for a third season. Not sure if I'll watch it.

    It was based on a novel which spanned the first season. But not the second. The shift is noticeable in a drop in consistency of the characters.

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    Teen Wolf - 6/10

    Standard teen drama about this high school kid who gets bitten by a werewolf and has to deal with all that bullshit while finding out that the cute girl in class he just fell in love with is a member of a family of werewolf hunters who are in town to hunt down and kill the pack he's now a part of. It's actually way better written than most similar types of shows and interesting characters and surprisingly clever dialogue.

    The main problem with it is that they try and do way too much. For instance, in the second season they had thirteen episodes and four completely different sets of bad guys with four completely different storylines, so something happens and then they get back to it two or three episodes later. Also, they keep recycling the main villains and they continuously come back and ... don't really do anything. As an example, they resurrected the main bad guy from the first season at the start of the second and then had him randomly wander onscreen every few episodes for a while before inconclusively wrapping up his new storyline at the end of the fourth season and that wasn't a unique reuse of old bad guys.

    Also, they put together a two or three season story arc for this series when they started it and it went on for six seasons and in the last ones, they clearly had no idea where to go with the show.

    Also also, at no point in the entire show did anybody ask for a keg of beer. Da fuck was with that? That's like having a Hulk movie where he never opines about how he should perhaps smash something.

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    Cow and Chicken - Yeah, I saw this was available on demand via Sling TV. Watching some of the first season material, before they got more serious with the Terran plot line.

    I AM WEASEL! of 4

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    Future Man

    I mentioned this in an earlier post, but wanted to mention it again. This is one of the best shows on Hulu. If you like sci-fi time travel stuff, nostalgia, and humor, you'll dig this show. I can't recommend it enough. It's clever as hell and the characters develop really well. Because time travel plays such a large role in the show, there are a million plot holes, but that's okay because the show is just supposed to be fun. Also though, in the final episode of the second season, they do actually address the severe problems created by so much time travel.


    Brittania (Amazon Prime)

    I've only watched one episode, but "tedious" comes to mind. It has potential though, so I'll give it a few more episodes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrZoidberg View Post
    Handmaid's tale season 1 & 2 (6/10)I binge watched both seasons. I initially loved it, but grew out of love. It doesn't really go anywhere. The last episodes of the second seasons they're just milking it IMHO. It's now renewed for a third season. Not sure if I'll watch it.
    I felt the same but I wonder if part of that was because of binge watching. Sometimes the dialogue between characters became excruciatingly slow.

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