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Lost in Space reboot - 0/10

Wife wanted to watch this, so we gave it a shot. I had trepidation going in based on the casting.

I don't think we got past the opening scene before we were both picking it apart. My reservations about the casting were quickly confirmed, and nothing about the story or environment seemed the least bit believable. They should have just stuck to the campy quality of the original.

The characters all come off as self-absorbed whiners, and the main plot device boils down to everybody doing the stupid. Maybe that's the angle - the characters are going to grow as they realize the spot they're in. Who cares? By the end of the first episode, we were both just wishing the entire family would suffer a quick, traumatic death, and we could watch a show about the alien/robot.

And then they introduced the villain....

Word is season two picks up. The show did seem quite derivative in season one, and I hadn't finished it, but some here have spoke well about Season Two.
I quite liked it.

The show wouldn't have worked if it had "stuck to the campy quality of the original." There was a moment in the very beginning of the original where it had the opportunity to make a show about a "space family Robinson" with Dr. Smith as a real villain, and they went in the other direction. This version hewed towards the "what if they'd kept going with the Robinson's as the heroes and Dr. Smith as the villain?" thing. Plus the Robinson's weren't the perfect parents after all, and Don West wasn't this impulsive yet stalwart hero.

I wasn't sold on the whole robot/Will Robinson story arc, but generally speaking it was far beyond the campy original by a long shot.