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Thread: Jesus did not help Jarrid Wilson. Are Jesus and No Jesus the same thing?

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    Jesus did not help Jarrid Wilson. Are Jesus and No Jesus the same thing?

    I certainly have sympathy for the family, but where was Jesus when this man was killing himself?

    Jarrid Wilson: California Megachurch pastor kills himself

    He is survived by his two sons and wife Juli, who wrote the death had "completely ripped my heart out of my chest".

    His death was confirmed by Senior Pastor Greg Laurie, who leads the church in southern California.

    "Jarrid loved the Lord and had a servant's heart. He was vibrant, positive, and was always serving and helping others," he wrote on the church's website.

    "Jarrid also repeatedly dealt with depression and was very open about his ongoing struggles," Mr Laurie added. "He wanted to especially help those who were dealing with suicidal thoughts."
    This is the first time I've heard of a pastor committing suicide so thought to post it here, not to get snarky comments but to simply demonstrate yet again how true it is that Jesus and No Jesus are obviously the same thing.

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    Sadly (or boringly?) the faith community has no difficulty rationalizing the double proposition that their love god exists and that deranged things happen constantly. They've got a full deck of cards, including:
    man's fallen state
    the necessity of free will
    the need to pray even more when in the grip of temptation
    God's mysterious will
    God is there for us, no matter what, but as a comforter, not a doer
    Then there are the popular culture religious truisms, suitable for throw pillows:
    God needed him up in heaven
    God needs another angel
    God makes us stronger when we face a tragedy
    And if any of these "answers" don't satisfy you, then, as in the OP, Jesus is the same as No Jesus and Jehovah God is the same as No Jehovah God. Doesn't mean shit to a tree (had to throw in a cynical Grace Slickism. Happy 80th, Grace.)

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