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To make good from the bad... that is the whole payoff of the story of Joseph and his flamboyantly ridiculous coat.
But why do we have to actually experience bad in order to appreciate good?
Why does a Zebra have stripes?

It is a just-so story to obfuscate the conflict of bad things and a god that gives a fuck all the while not doing a thing to show the god actually gives a fuck.

But for some reason, God not only allows bad, he allows bad to be suffered in secret. Serial killers going uncaught for years, that makes God an accomplice in every death. Not just an omniscient witness, but a fully accessory before, during and after the fact.
Good luck in court... Dershowitz is god's lawyer.
Not only is he the one thinking about eht killer so (in Berkeley's view) the killer will exist, he's also thinking the knife into persistent existence, and the shovel, and the unmarked grave, and the fire that destroys the evidence, and the souvenir the killer keeps under his porch...
And does fuck-all to reveal any evidence, to inform any witnesses, to save any victims...
Thoughts and prayers man, thoughts and prayers.