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Thread: Exposing Atheistic Myths

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    Quote Originally Posted by Half-Life View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Rhea View Post

    You leapt from
    “You can’t PROVE that things exist outside your mind,”
    Straight to
    “We KNOW that things are only known through minds.”

    And thence to
    -> therefore they don’t exist at all until a magic creature imagines them into being.
    So why do atheists leap from, "You can't PROVE God exists!" straight to, "This means I know God doesn't exist!"

    No atheist can answer the question, "What evidence lead you to believe there is no God?" because there is no evidence God doesn't exist.
    Quantum Field Theory provides plenty of excellent evidence that nothing 'supernatural' can exist that interacts with humans. No gods, souls, spirits, ghosts, telepathic powers, prayers, telekinesis, astral projection, or anything else not mediated by one of the four fundamental forces/fields/bosons of the Standard Model.

    Your ignorance of the excellent and very well tested evidence against your claims changes nothing. Almost all god concepts, and most of the associated woo about an afterlife, the power of prayer, or intervention by gods in human affairs, are provably false.

    This remains true whether or not you have the ability or the diligence to learn those proofs.

    You are simply wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBT View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Half-Life View Post

    "God doesn't exist" is a statement with no evidence.

    As we stand, there is no evidence to support a justified belief in the existence of God or gods. Which is why holding a belief/conviction in the existence of these things is a matter of faith.
    And always will be.

    There's quite frankly plenty of evidence that magic and magical creatures like gods and superheroes are not real. There's also plenty of evidence that despite this fact lots of people still cling to their magic and their magical heroes.

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    That which can be used to support a position and also support the opposite position supports nothing.

    Half-Life states
    "God doesn't exist" is a statement with no evidence.
    But "God exists" is also a statement with no evidence.

    Of course since nothing exists outside my mind anyway Half-Life doesn't exist either. Certainly not this "God" thing Half-Life appears to be imagining. Nor do any of the rest of you clowns for that matter. You're just there as a mental diversion, created as a delusion by my mind because otherwise it would be bored.

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