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Thread: EAC: We're doing a good job!

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    Since this thread is going in many directions, I'd like to just say a few words about mental illness, because it runs in my family and when I was still working as a nurse, many of my patients suffered from mental illnesses.

    My father was an evangelical Christian, but he also suffered from bipolar disorder and severe PTSD. He could be very cruel and subject to rapid mood swings. The PTSD came from his combat experience in WWII. The bipolar disorder was likely genetic, since his own mother had similar symptoms. I've forgiven him for his behavior because I realize he couldn't help himself. My Christian sister has never been able to forgive him. I don't judge her for that. She probably can't bring herself to forgive him.

    My former patients were almost all Christians, including those who suffered from a variety of mental illnesses. Mental illness is a disease of the brain, and has nothing to do with one's beliefs. Sure, loneliness and isolation can lead to depression and many people these days suffer from anxiety disorders, possibly due to t he increased stress that modern day life has brought. And, I'm sure that many Christians in the south are happy because they have community from their churches. I attended Atlanta Freethought Society's monthly meeting and had a wonderful time, so I get the need for community and we atheists aren't always very good at that.

    As for me, I've been far happier as an atheist than I ever was as a Christian. If being a Christian makes you happy, go for it, just don't judge the rest of us and don't make up false claims about the causes of mental illness. I loved caring for my patients, especially those who suffered from mental illness, including dementia. It gave me emotional satisfaction to be able to advocate for them and treat them as if they were perfectly normal adults who needed a friend.

    OOOps. That was more than a few words. Sorry about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Learner View Post
    Thank you for that... great find. That one escaped me!!!???

    1) You've always only cherry picked the parts of the bible they tell you to read.

    2) Your reading comprehension is terrible.

    I'm sure there are several other possibilities.

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