Since I'm a long-term atheist, it's unlikely I'll ever be asked to run a Sunday School class, but I am stock-piling my favorite crazy-ass Bible stories, just in case. I feel that youngsters have been fed the same old stories over and over -- Adam & Eve, David & Goliath, etc, etc, when there are so many lesser-known but memorable stories to tell. I would love to tell the young (really love to tell the young) what's inside the covers of their little Bibles, that their other teachers omitted. Here are some tales that deserve to be better known:
1) Gen. 30 - the magic way to breed goats with stripes, using...striped sticks!
2) Ex. 17: 10-13 - Israelites are battling the Amalekites but are only winning when Moses has his arms in the air, holding up a magic stick. Again with the sticks. This could lead to a fun outdoor activity with the class divided into Israelites and Amalekites, playing Dodgeball. Me holding up a yardstick.
3) Judges 7: 2-8 - Gideon can tell which of his 10,000 men will be victorious warriors by watching & evaluating how all 10,000 of them drink spring water. Easy to play-act at the water cooler.
4) Judges 14: 1-19 - Samson uses God's power to murder 30 guys and take their clothes, all so he can pay off a bet he'd set up involving a 'riddle' that you'd have to be Samson to solve, because he's the only one who had seen a bee's nest inside a dead lion (long story). I would have the class take out their crayons and illustrate this one.
So the point is, share the wonder. Hopefully, the kids would retell these stories on the drive home. "Hey, Dad, Mom, wanna know how to get striped goats when you don't already have any striped goats?"