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Thread: Frustrating or embarrassing?

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    Frustrating or embarrassing?

    Imagine you die. And come back as a ghost.
    And find that your body has risen as a zombie while you were out.

    You' re unable to do anything but observe yourself zombie at people.

    "Don't chase the blonde, dumbass! Chase the fat guy. Even YOU can catch the fat guy! Oh. Oh, no, she ran down a flight of stairs! You cannot handle STAIRS, idiot! That's what happened to you left- whoop! There he goes. I heard a bone. That was definitely a bone. Moron broke a bone. Oh! It's sticking out his leg! My leg! This hurts! This hurts and i don't even feel pain any more... Assmunch!"

    And with all the deaths in the Zombie Apocalyse, whhatever the rate of ghostification is, you won't be the only ghost haunting their own body. But you'll be the only one trapped climbing the last working down escalator in the city...
    "Shut the fuck up."
    "Ah, man, don't be like that. Haven't seen you in... Wait, are you STILL at the Mall? You've been HERE the whole time?"
    "I said...."
    "Oh, you guys missed the power failure at the megachurch! We got three cheerleaders!"
    "Not we. You're not a we. IT got the Cheerleaders. You watched."
    "It's still my body. I take a little pride in our post-mortem accomplishments."
    (Watching zombie self almost reach the top step, then get distracted by a rat on the handrail. Down we go...) "Aw, come on!"

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    Definitely frustrating. There have been events in my life where I have acted and my brain has been absent. Strangely, the body performed with some competence. My expectation would be that my zombie body would have performed better when my consciousness departs in the scenario stated.

    Having said that, I am a registered organ donor so complications may occur.

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