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Thread: If I am immortal, then I will soon die

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    The question is not very clear. Is it about feeling of dying? Is it about logic hidden in the question? Anyway, it requires interpretation, and I probably would answer YES with my best interpretation. Here is why:

    First, what is immortal? I chose to treat this question as bounded by our laws of universe. There are no mystical creatures and so on. So, what does immortal mean in this context? It means a creature with very good regenerative capabilities that can not die due to disease and many natural causes and old age. It still would die if thrown to supernovae, but from practical point of view, we would call such creature as immortal.

    Another assumption is that the universe ends, either in big crunch or in thermal death, or proton decay. I (as immortal) would not be able to survive that, for sure. For simplicity, let's consider the most benign end of the universe - thermal death. All matter cools to absolute zero and flies away from each other due to expansion of space. So, I will meet my "frozen death" - my thoughts will stop, and I will be there forever existing, but operationally dead, unable to get any energy to process a single thought.

    And yes, it happens too soon, because I could have lived infinitely longer, but my life was (will be) ended by external causes, not by my choice. So, I would vote "yes", but the poll is closed.

    Interesting and unusual poll by the way. Requires thinking. I like it.

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