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Thread: The social consequences of partisanship in the face of slow moving catastrophe

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    Quote Originally Posted by fromderinside View Post
    I think earth has come too far down the energy curve for intelligence to arise again. Dinosaurs were indeed the stuff from which mammals came but temps were higher and so too was life productivity. Therefore living things had more potential niches resulting in more diversified speciation.

    However your tool argument also seems somewhat wanting. As I mentioned Neanderthal developed larger brains than did homo Sapiens but they did not develop tools at the level of man, staying much nearer to the tool levels of Homo Erectus. Then their low group size militated against them using cultural knowledge for surviving or even competing with the much more broadly cooperating, communicating, better tool wielding, Homo Sapiens.

    Our broad inclusiveness has been a boon to us since before our taming of animals and development of farming. In fact these very discoveries drove our willingness to accept others for commerce and support which in turn lead to cities and cultures. What has driven our most recent advances are not tools per se. Its our ability to aggregate in large diverse numbers to get things done, our social cooperation, communication, and sharing are driving our current leap to the head of the predator class. Now our only challenge is our nature based on from whence we come, families, tribes, identified communities.

    Civilization is now our strength. That is under threat by a slow developing catastrophe which is already driving us to consider isolation, segregation, narrow faith, discrimination rather that joint effort, science, and progress for overcoming the threat.
    Thanks for the post. Know of any reading material related to the bolded?

    I'd think the inclusiveness you mention would go hand-in-hand with tool-making, but yea maybe inclusiveness is the horse, tools the cart. I only mention tools as central to our history as they seem to play a major role in separating out our epoch's. And if our tools / the knowledge of our tools are lost, we regress.

    This in contrast to phenomena like religion and politics, which seem more important, but are actually just a static thing we do.

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    There is some evidence that our venture into into mystical things was the basis for development of tokens for recognizing a particular species.

    As for thermodynamics and evolution of life I found this one (
    ) that is interesting but not exactly on point. This other one (
    ) is more in line with what I was getting at but still not directly related to life propabilities.

    maybe more later.

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