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Thread: Trumpanzee Trigger Point!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don2 (Don1 Revised) View Post

    Estimate: Half the Trump supporters I know are deplorable. For example, some of my in-laws are racist Trump supporters. The other half aren't. For example, I know some people at work who support Trump because of the economy and they are very naive otherwise.
    IMHO, naive is an overly kind word there. Unless they're really stupid and naive. People with normal smarts have a responsibility to know enough to make informed choices about who they vote for. Trump only has to fool some of the people all of the time to remain in power. He'll always get the informed ones who say "I think he's going to make my life better (=more money to a republican) so I'll vote for him even though he's an asshole mobster." And he'll get the ones who are too dumb to realize that The Apprentice wasn't filmed live and think he has great hair. But the ones who follow only because they are so intellectually lazy that Trump's oversimplification of .. EVERYTHING - holds great appeal; those are the ones for whom I have little sympathy, as their mental sloth is costing ALL of us.


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    I know quite a few Trump supporters, some very well and some barely. I have a friend who is a Democrat. She's smart but never had the opportunity to get an education beyond high school. She's married to a horrible, meth addicted Trump supporter, but she either doesn't have the courage to get rid of him or she's too nice to kick him out. Her entire family are Trump supporters. They all suffer from mental illnesses or they are barely getting by financially. It's crazy.

    I have a nurse friend who is smart and compassionate, but she's also very religious, only watches Fox News and is a big supporter of Trump, despite the fact that she depends on SS and Medicare along with her part time job, just to survive.

    Then, there's my brother in law and some of the more affluent people in my area who support Trump. My bro in law has said, "Trump put more money in my pocket, so I will continue to support him". That seems to be all that matters to these people. The bro is a dentist and a climate change denier. Why? He has grandchildren and doesn't like the idea that these kids will be impacted by climate change. Sometimes people with doctorate degrees are still idiots, and sometimes people who barely finished high school are very smart.

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