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Thread: Credit Suisse Wealth Report: There Are More Poor People In America Than China

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bomb#20 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by barbos View Post
    China have never had democracy so they can't lose it, same is true with Russia.
    Russia had democracy, for a few months in 1917.
    Few months does not count. For it to count it has to last at least one generation if not more. Half of population probably did not even know what was happening until it was over.
    One can say Russia had democracy in the 1990s but it was not pretty experience and it's one of the reason why Putin regime is popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loren Pechtel View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by PyramidHead View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Bosch View Post

    Maybe I read the thread too fast. Where was the orientalism?
    In the immediate assumption that something must be fishy about these data, it can't be the case that China has been consistently on a path of eradicating poverty at home and in its relief work in Africa and elsewhere, because that would mean they are actually genuinely trying to build a society where people don't go hungry and aren't constantly in fear of invasion by Western powers. That would defeat the narrative that the Chinese cannot be trusted, and are a hivemind devoid of independent thought, such that even when they overwhelmingly voice their support for party policy it must be due to brainwashing or Orwellian subterfuge. It's simply too bizarre, too "counterintuitive", to think that a state emerging from the dust of centuries of colonialism would prioritize its poor people over its rich people. Westerners project their own broken social priority system onto everybody else and use it as a barometer even when it doesn't apply.
    What relief work are you talking about?

    China loans money to the governments to hire Chinese companies to build things with mostly Chinese labor. It's about getting their hooks into the country, not about charity.

    China most certainly does not prioritize their poor over their rich. It's always about corruption, the wealth flows up, not down.

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    There aren't any homeless people in prisons... So if a lack of homelessness is what you are looking for... look no further than Oz.

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