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Thread: Is it immoral to kill a snowboarder?

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    In past times an adult would grapbthe kid and give him a sharp wack on the but. These days you will get arrested. Back in the 80s two kids were thawing thing at cars s from behind bushes in my neighborhood. Something hit my windshield but did no damage. I put the kids in my car and took them to their parents. What they were doing was dangerous.

    Skateboarders on the sidewalk can be dangerous. I watched someone on a motorized board going down the middle of the street at around 20mph.

    I don't ski, my pet peeve are the bicycle Nazis. They do not obey traffic rules and almost dare you to run into them.

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    I think it depends on if they are also vegan and/or do crossfit.

    In which case, it is totally moral.

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