ATLANTA, GA -- The media's faith in elections is hitting record lows since the Democrat Iowa Caucus debacle, which has seen nearly 24 hours pass before any results were released. Delays have been linked to issues with the newest App that was supposed to increase efficiency and reduce time for reporting results. A paper trail, however, is being audited and accurate election results will be released.

However, media and the press are worried about the fragility of American democracy as this election is one in a short line of elections (1) that have been embroiled with irregularities.

"Without the immediate results," noted CNN reporter Jake Tapper, "how can we appropriately inflate (or deflate) the public's perception of Democrat campaigns?

MSNBC released a statement noting, "The importance of the immediacy of the election results, which determine an approximately two whomping percent of the required Delegate Count for winning the nomination can not be undersold. Candidacies are made or broken by the media with the primaries of Iowa and New Hampshire. Our ability to manipulate the public becomes tainted if we can not trust the institutions to provide election results in a timely manner."

Anderson Cooper of CNN also noted, "America's elections are under siege from all angles, which makes it harder to accept the results. The nation last night saw a collapse of our electoral system. How can we as a nation trust our elections if 1 in every 10,000 or so has some irregularity?"

While the Media's mistrust in US elections is notably becoming more public, it is uncertain if it is capable of outlasting the US surpassing 15 coronavirus confirmations or a notable winter storm.