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Thread: God and goodness

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    If god does not exist, for the sake of argument, it seems there is no way to prove it if someone believes their god is all good, all knowing, and all powerful. You could use one or two of the three to explain away the shortcomings of one of the attributes.

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    Wasn't "and he saw that it was good" the reason he made everything? Of course he is the god of cancer, which apparently he thinks is a good thing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBT View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BH View Post
    Why in religious debates is it always a given a god is good?
    Perhaps 'good' is a relative thing?

    Very much so. According to Christian theology, God is good. It is a necessary attribute of God. Simplicity of God, an ancient theological theory says that God's substance and essences are one an the same. If God then is essentially good, prefectly good, and god creates all, where does evil come from?

    So the word good needs a does of special pleading. God owes us nor moral obligations. God is not a moral agent. Ideas apparently going back to Duns Scotus, and found today from any number of theologians including William Craig Lane. The idea that since god gave us existence, he does not owe us anything more than that great gift.

    Which does not solve the Problem of Evil, unless you set the bar low for solving that.

    Professor analyzes Aquinas’s view on God, good and evil

    Sydney Enlow | Wednesday, March 23, 2016

    Fr. Brian Davies, a distinguished professor of philosophy at Fordham University, has dedicated his academic career to studying and writing about the philosophy of religion, and has focused on the work of Thomas Aquinas. Fr. Davies explored the question of why, if God is all powerful and morally good, there is evil present in the world in a lecture held Tuesday night at Rice Commons
    The lecture focused on Aquinas’s rejection of the argument against the existence of God. According to Aquinas, God is not a morally good agent, despite popular belief.
    “Aquinas views that God should not be thought of as a moral agent in the first place, meaning that God should not be thought of as something either morally good or morally bad,” Davies said. “Aquinas maintains that we do not know what God is … God is strictly non-classifiable.”
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