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Thread: Is it wrong to eat your dog, etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seyorni View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bomb#20 View Post
    If a good moral decision would be to turn a large part of the land back into wilderness, which of Haidt's foundations make that a good moral decision? Looks like sanctity/purity. But those are inconsequential. You'd vote for lawns, then?
    Decreasing our dependency on meat would have health and environmental benefits.
    Lawns? Environmental wastelands.
    Not for the grass.

    The biosphere we depend on is a complex, interactive system. It was self-sustaining until a planetary infection of hominins started mucking up the works.
    I'd say let the freed up acreage resume its natural function.
    I.e., stop infectious hominins from planting lawns on it. I.e., cause it to turn back into habitat for wild birds and small furry woodland creatures. I.e., cause wild birds and small furry woodland creatures to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. I.e., cause billions of sentient beings to be cruelly killed by nature red in tooth and claw (assuming you allow predators to take part in this process; to die lingering deaths by starvation and disease if you don't). Death by natural causes isn't as much fun as it looks.

    Voting against lawns supports cruelty and the killing of sentient beings. Why is it wrong for a human to kill and eat a chicken, but not wrong for a human to help a fox kill and eat a chicken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruby sparks View Post
    1. A family's dog was killed by a car in front of their house. They had heard that dog meat was delicious, so they cut up the dog's body and cooked it and ate it for dinner.

    2. A woman was dying, and on her deathbed she asked her son to promise that he would visit her grave every week. The son loved his mother very much, so he promised to visit her grave every week. But after the mother died, the son didn't keep his promise, because he was very busy.

    3. A woman is cleaning out her closet, and she finds a national flag that had been in the closet unused for many years. She doesn't want the flag anymore, so she cuts it up into pieces and uses the rags to clean her bathroom.

    4. A brother and sister like to kiss each other on the mouth. When nobody is around, they find a secret hiding place and kiss each other on the mouth, passionately.

    5. A man goes to the supermarket once a week and buys a dead chicken. Before cooking the chicken, he has sexual intercourse with it. Then he cooks it and eats it.
    My evaluation of a lot of these would depend on how the person taking the action viewed it.

    If someone ate their dog, I would associate that with a lack of care and respect for their dog. That's what it would indicate if I, personally, ate my dog. But maybe they don't view it that way. I could imagine a culture where eating the dead was seen as a sign of respect.

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