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Thread: COLOUR

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    Quote Originally Posted by skepticalbip View Post
    If 'redness' is a property of the ball then it is still red when there is no light or when illuminated by a blue light.
    "Let us hope that it is not so. Or if it is, let us pray that the fact does not become generally known."

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    False premise: 'redness' a property of the Ball. Colour a property, not an identity, probably, Property red? never!

    With respect to light, balls absorb some light frequencies and reflects others producing the appearance of different colors depending on overall viewing conditions. Viewing conditions include the attributes of the light which is being reflected in which the viewer is observing the event. A car that is seen as red in white light (sunlight) appears blue in sodium light illumination at night.. Just basic physics. No ups no extras. What the observer sees is consistent with what she sees in context of overall lighting conditions and the properties of balls to absorb some frequencies of light. Fortunately we don't go looking for apples at night indoors or in parking lots.

    Just thought you guys needed to take a deep breath before you have human minds creating color.

    Go ahead. Illuminate that 'red' ball with sodium light and get the mind to report to you it's a red, er, blue ball.

    As to the philosophical question of colour one needs to know (specify) with what one is dealing before either having doubts or making proclamations.

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