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I would say it is only strong evidence that there is some objective external condition. I am suggesting that blueness is not part of it. It certainly does not seem to need to be part of it, at the very least, and is not required for explanations.

There is evidence, yes, but I believe it is likely an illusion. As with the colours seeming to be in the objects,

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Once again, you seemingly have no problem at all with this statement: There is strong evidence to support the inference that wavelengths are an objective condition.
Correct. I have no problem with that statement. I might have a few caveats, I might allow that it's photons, or information, or some such objective condition.

Somewhat as neuroscientist David Eagleman tries to express the idea, "If you could perceive reality as it is, you would be shocked by its colorless, odorless, tasteless silence. Outside your brain, there is just energy and matter.”
Last first. From the bottom up. Eagleman would be wrong since what we sense is categorically visual, olfactory, gustatory, auditory, and about five other categories of approximating the world to the necessary extent we can. What we experience is reality since it is our sample of the total available information potentially accessible to us.

It is only when all information is available that we might choose other descriptors of energy and matter given our sensory relation to them. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't conclude there is nothing but energy and matter because even if that is all there is there are still choices to be made about exploiting it.

Now the rest. I say you are wrong.

The need comes from requirements to consume only that which won't kill you. Snakes mimic poisonous ones in color and and banding to give them greater likelihood of surviving. The need comes from requirements to be most likely consumed. Plants mimic color and shape of their fruit to be more readily taken by consumers.

There must be a lesson in there somewhere for you suggesting color is an important factor in one surviving. Obviously snakes and fruiting plants don't know your conditions for staying alive. Yet they evolve by adapting to color, not frequency, to increase their probability of reproducing. Color is material because sensing isn't perfect.

As I wrote earlier we discriminate on energy in the visual system because we can't detect every frequency in photic stimuli. Instead we distinguish ranges of energy, frequency bands, to detect color. All you have to do is add up what some life does through evolution to survive with what other life does through evolution to survive. Not a hard task really. Color is real because species success is determined by exploiting it to survive.

You really don't need more than the above.