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    You have a gift for not actually engaging with what is actually being said and not making any point in relation to it.
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    "Let us hope that it is not so. Or if it is, let us pray that the fact does not become generally known."

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    You are right. What you actually need is a view of the system in which rocks evolve. Arrow of time

    Cosmological arrow of time

    The cosmological arrow of time points in the direction of the universe's expansion. It may be linked to the thermodynamic arrow, with the universe heading towards a heat death(Big Chill) as the amount of usable energy becomes negligible. Alternatively, it may be an artifact of our place in the universe's evolution (see the Anthropic bias), with this arrow reversing as gravity pulls everything back into a Big Crunch.If this arrow of time is related to the other arrows of time, then the future is by definition the direction towards which the universe becomes bigger. Thus, the universe expands—rather than shrinks—by definition.

    The thermodynamic arrow of time and the second law of thermodynamics are thought to be a consequence of the
    initial conditions in the early universe.[8] Therefore, they ultimately result from the cosmological set-up.
    Below is a layman's description of how he sees color evolving in rocks.

    Universe is an isolated (closed) system with no externals source for energy input from outside (open) system. So heat death is inevitable. Time's arrow.

    Elements (atoms) and Molecules (combinations or groups of elements) have properties determined by various stable processes arriving at forms sustaining minimum entropy (most stable, energy conserving, organization).

    Some of those forms demonstrate a capability for emitting coherent electromagnetic radiation including in the band of EM frequencies we call visible frequencies. Most elements and molecules also transfer energy (photons) including visible frequency photons - These visible frequencies are we receive from the sun as light - while sustaining stability. These are a couple of the processes where color evolves as a property in rocks.

    Seems to me that the laws governing matter and energy provide many avenues for color to become a property in objects.

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