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Thread: Interesting poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by ideologyhunter View Post
    Compare to the 10% of U.S. Republicans who don't approve of Trump.
    Trump is not exactly a strong advocate for Biblical living!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bilby View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by crazyfingers View Post

    As someone who writes, fields and analyzes surveys as a big part of my job, you can't really read anything into the 4%. I haven't checked if this was a web survey of computer aided telephone interview (CATI) but 4% any direction can be as much interviewer error or not reading the question right, or how to check the box right or a respondent straight lining through the questions.

    The respondents could even not be atheist by either willfully or accidentally checking the wrong box identifying as atheist.

    In other words, it's meaningless.
    I would bet good money that over 5% of respondents to polls in Australia give false or even deliberately contradictory answers, just for a laugh. Probably twice that in the NT.
    Researchers like me hate people like that. It's why we have to clean the data for clearly inconsistent and bogus answers and re-field to fill quotas.

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