WASHINGTON DC -- Fox News has found itself in a corner, defending itself for the newly unveiled "Living Americans" Counter. The counter was debuted by senior News Anchor Chris Wallace and it displayed the number of estimated Americans that are currently alive. The number updates based on estimated statistics provided by the CDC.

The counter received immediate praise from the President on Twitter. "I want to thank #FoxNews for providing a perspective of hope unlike the lamestream media."

The reaction from the media, in general, including conservatively slated sources such as The Wall Street Journal, were not as enamored with the counter."While we can openly debate the origins of the virus and who remains responsible for the crisis we are in," noted a Wall Street Journal editorial piece, "debuting this after the nation has reached such a grim milestone seems to overlook the toll this disease has taken."

A Fox News Spokesperson indicated in a phone interview that the counter "wasn't ignoring the toll of Covid-19", but instead it was "Designed to bring a perspective of the living and how all of America is affected by this, even if they don't die."

Fox News' Twitter feed posted a tweet indicating that the counter "was going no where" and that they were going to continuing "telling the story of the whole nation, instead some partisan subset."