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Thread: How to change the mind of the wingnuts - psychology

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    Quote Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
    I largely don't think you do change the mind of wing-nuts, for a number of reasons. One of the bigger ones is that a major component of political affiliation is genetically inherited.
    The history of human migrations tells a different story.

    Some of the reddest counties in the eastern half of the US are in the Appalachia region - in large part settled by settlers from the Scottish Lowlands. Some of the bluest patches are the very places where Polish and Irish Catholic immigrants make up a large proportion of the current population's ancestral stock.

    If you know the first thing about European politics, you'll recognise that present-day Poland and Ireland are much more conservative than present-day Scotland, and the Lowlands in particular. Now, unless you want to claim that Poland and Ireland selectively saw the more liberal part of their population emigrate, and the Lowlands selectively parted with their more conservative denizens, you got a problem.

    If you do claim that, I'd like some evidence. Actual evidence, not vaguely related studies that don't really show what you're claiming but make it seem somewhat plausible when coupled with a few additional assumptions you also find plausible.

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    Yet if one goes vote by vote, neighborhood by neighborhood, generation by generation, one finds strong family traditions of political bent. Conditions in neighborhoods tend to persist for some time - generations - until new conditions arise.

    I expect you are both right, wrong, probably irrelevant. Seems the intent of the thread is explore ways to change minds.

    To that end I'd replace 'traps' with rationalizations linked to strong biasing influences. Certainly the very way I've constructed that implies there are mechanisms through which one routes experience. Mechanisms which hold important persona land community value in individuals which the founder of sociology, Kurt Lewin, developed Hodological space with which to work them out.

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