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All you did was just make an argument that there is no such thing as "life".

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...your only hope of getting past that unreasonable skepticism is to take a course in molecular biology and evolutionary mechanics.
Both of those involve God.
I said atheistic concepts of life from non-life.
Then you are just defining god into existence. And you would use this declaration of god-involved-ness to claim a declaration that your interpretation of your book should what? Be used to make laws? And which parts? See the bible/slavery or bible/homosexuality threads, please.

You are, it seems, unable to regard a universe where there may not be a god; where those bronze age people were just people.

Because the fact is, I entertain vast ideas of gods that could be, and all the myriad cosmologies that can hang outside. And then I can set aside that sort of mental masturbation and think not about what dreams may come, and instead think about the best way to live life here, what is wrong for us in the world we live in, and what is right for me, under the accepted notion that I shall love my neighbor as myself, each neighbour, as accorded to a simple truth--my justification is derived from the same place as yours: for the sake that we may.

And the symmetry of that justification is itself reason to treat you better than I believe you would treat me. I don't need the bible to support it though. I forced myself to find my own path there, and cut it through hard reason. It doesn't require a god. I sometimes wonder after whether the randomness itself, the chaos of the virtual field, is a proof there is more; because randomness like that can't really come from an equation. And it's so very infinite. But it doesn't talk. You can put your god of the gaps in there I guess? But it doesn't say much for the bible, or any of it's laws that aren't supported by actual reason.