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Why should we assume that the universe is fine tuned for anything?
What is this fine tuning intended to achieve, and how can we verify such an intent?
Boiled down to it's most basic elements I think the answer goes as follows:

I have been told a story. The story goes that there is a thing called a god and it is a story that I have come to believe. But lots of people don't believe stories about gods and this makes me uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable, perhaps even afraid and angry, because if there is no god then I feel my life is pointless. This fear drives me to find "proof" that my god is something real, not just another spooky, ghost story.

The fine tuning argument that I have been told is a device I use to prove that my god is real, which keeps my life meaningful. Generally speaking, my god is a super powerful, invisible human man living in the sky that dispenses judgement on human souls after we are dead. The story about a finely tuned universe bolsters my belief that this powerful invisible human can be real.

Please understand that I am convinced that if my god is not real, my life has no meaning, no purpose and no value.


Pretty much. But very few religious people I have met would openly state it this way.