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Thread: Wishing in RPGs, military orders

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    Thought about this story, today.
    Someone in the parking lot told me i look stupid with a mask on. He took his off the instant he left the store. I wore mine all the way to the car.

    In 1987, i rotated to shore command, being sent to Instructor School before reporting to the school i'd be teaching at.
    A couple weeks before we classed up, a student at an electrician school in Great Lakes was failing out. He did not want to be sent to wherever that school sent failures. My schools sent people to be yeomen, others made their exstudents boatswains mates, undesignated airmen, varies. Oh, and the nuclear power pipeline sent 'nuke waste' to my school....

    The kid stressed about it so much, his last day at the school, he went in and shot up the instructors' office. I forget the numbers of dead/wounded, but there were both.

    So, first day of IT school, we're halfway through the introduction when someone threw a grenade down the middle of the classroom. The moment i recognized it, thought "failed electrician!", and threw myself to the floor. Started crawling to the door.
    Across the room, a Marine corporal saw it, stood, aimed himself at the window, ready to jump out. A Marine sargeant grabbed the corporal, threw him bodily onto the grenade, turned to the window. The Marine LT garrbed Sarge, threw him onto the corporal, dropped to the floor.

    No one else moved.

    After a few seconds, the training aid did not go off. The LT stood, addressed the class, pointed to the guys getting up from the floor. "Marines are trained to protect their superiors." Got a laugh. Some surly looks from his fellow Marines.

    I got up, dusted off my dress blues, walked to my desk. Everyone laughed at me. "It was obviously a fake!"
    "Well, if i was wrong, i got dirty. You got a laugh. Iif YOU were wrong, i got dirty, you got killed."

    Thought about that in the parking lot. "If i don't need the mask, and wear it, i may look stupid. If i need the mask, but don't wear it, i look really stupid with a ventilator."

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    Looking stupid is preferable to being moronic. The co-founder of TPUSA proved that very recently.

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