r/SimulationTheory Rules
1. Site Wide Rules Apply At All Times

2. Contribution to Mental Disorder based Paranoia
Let it be known, that any and all attempts from persons diagnosed or undiagnosed with a mental disorder that involves paranoia as a major symptom shall not attempt to contribute to this paranoia.

Any and All such attempts will be enforced by a permanent ban.

Schizophrenia and Psychosis are real. This Rule is taken with the upmost seriousness.

3. Suggested that a Visual Illusion or Coincidence is Evidence
Users shall not attempt to suggest that a visual illusion, often referred to as "glitches", they saw is in any way evidence of a possible simulated world.

Even if what you saw was real, we have no way to confirm it, and it is therefore useless.

Is that coincidence just too good to be true? Well, that doesnt prove its evidence for a simulation. Weird things will happen to you in your life, get used to it.

Posts will be removed, continued attempts will be met will temporary bans.

4. Made a Call to Action
This subreddit is for speculation only. Users shall not use the sub to suggest that actions take place in accordance with the belief that we live in a simulation.
It has 27.1k members and here is the final post from the moderator:
Got a message today from someone saying they would end it all at noon unless I debunked some Sim Theory they found.

The mental health problems that have pervaded this subreddit are just too much, and they have come to be the dominant voice on here. This subreddit has turned into an amplification machine for the paranoid thoughts of troubled minds. I cannot in good conscience keep this sub active, it is outright immoral.

Sorry to the 10 of you who followed the rules and did not have any mental health issues, but it can't go on.

I started this sub 8 years ago when I was a nerdy little stoner kid, and it turned into quite the mess. I am sorry to everyone.
Well I myself have mental health problems... but that was a major reason I started to think about these theories...

Then this reddit emerged:

Which looks promising....