"Nationalization of women" was one of the horrible things that the early Soviet Union had allegedly done. It's difficult for me to find out much about that claim, but I have found Overman Committee I'll quote from that article.
A third frequent theme was the "free love" and "nationalization" of women allegedly occurring in Soviet Russia.[44] Witnesses described an orgy in which there was no "respect for virtuous women";[45] others who testified, including those who had been in Russia during the Revolution,[45] denied this.[46] After one witness read a Soviet decree saying that Russian women had the "right to choose from among men",[47] Senator Sterling threw up his hands and declared that this was a negation of "free love".[46] However, another decree was produced stating, "A girl having reached her eighteenth year is to be announced as the property of the state."[48]

... The Senators heard various views of women in Russia, including claims that women were made the property of the state.[51]
There is other fun stuff in that article, like how most Bolsheviks were supposedly Jews.

I've also found this:
San Pedro News Pilot 21 December 1920 — California Digital Newspaper Collection
This was the reason, said Vandorllp, for the stories of the “nationalization of women,” famine, riot and revolution. “The proclamations concerning the ‘nationalization of women' were a prank of college students- In a town on the Volga and were understood as a Joke," said Vanderlip. "When Russian people told an American correspondent the proclamation was a Joke he said 'Maybe it (u; but it’s the best story I’m going to take out of Russia.’