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Thread: Chinese women on Tinder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronzeage View Post
    A few years ago, there was a swarm of bot on facebook. About once a week I would receive a friend request from a very attractive young woman. If I was in a playful mood, I would send a message, "Why do you want to be my friend?"

    A few of them answered and the conversation went like this:

    I think you are a good person.
    I am not a good person.
    Why are you not a good person?
    I fucked your mother and never called her again.
    That's not so bad.
    You do realise it may have been your own daughter!

    Unless....sorry...I misunderstood...

    What I'd like to know is...why am I not even getting hit on by bots! Lol.

    Ok I did get hit on by someone weird yesterday......It was interesting but bogus. What I think it might have been (I'm only guessing) was a much older woman than stated and not as good looking as in the pics (possibly not good looking at all)....she very quickly initiated what I think might be called chat sex (or more precisely, a chat masturbation monologue on her part) and I just let her go with it. I don't think she needed me. In the background of one of her (I mean the) pics, on a desk, was a receipt from Lowe's, the American Home Improvement firm, but she was claiming to be from only 50 miles away. Or maybe it was a bot. Or a bloke in Ghana. I checked my bank account today and it's ok.
    "Let us hope that it is not so. Or if it is, let us pray that the fact does not become generally known."

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    And are Chinese houseboys a thing on Grindr?

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    You can never know what Chinese are up to.

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    Cummon. My daughter-in-law is Chinese and she reads like a well written book. Don't go with devious Russians either. My son-in-law is of Russian Jewish descent.

    I thought this was an intellectually grown up forum.

    Oh, by the by, I'm of Original Mormon to Utah S. Carolina/Massachusetts Catholic-Quaker history and Bride is of Horace Roman stock. So much hybrid vigor we almost can't contain it.

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