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Thread: What were the 70s and 80s like for you?

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    Well, in Soviet Union they thought US would attack because Brezhnev died. Not because of some real tensions which ordinary people knew nothing about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bilby View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by barbos View Post
    I remember standing guard in school near portrait of Brezhnev after he died
    Everybody thought America would attack Soviet Union.
    I myself was not convinced America even existed. I thought it could be just fiction, nobody I knew has ever been there.

    What else? School was a drag especially these celebrations/demonstrations when children had to learn to march in formations. Now, I can't believe how these teachers (99% women) could really believe and more importantly do all that crap without laughing.
    Yeah, everyone in the UK in 1983 thought the US would attack the Soviet Union, or vice versa, probably by mistake, and we would be obliterated in the crossfire. I lived fairly close to the USAF listening station at Menwith Hill, which was expected to be a priority target, so even a limited exchange would have been pretty bad for everyone I knew.

    That WWIII really did nearly happen by accident a few times during the 1980s doesn't surprise me, but I am frankly glad I didn't know how close it got. It was worrying enough as it was.
    I grew up near a bunch of these, if WWIII came, we'd be vaporized in about 3 seconds, 5 times over:

    I guess it kind of just got to the point growing up that crawling under our desks was kind of a joke as an exercise. The whole threat seemed more of something from SciFi than anything else...
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    Which is funny 'cause, you know, the threat of nuclear annihilation is very much still there. I am uncomfortable about how close we apparently came to deploying nuclear weapons during the last administration. We're just not preparing kids for the realities of nuclear war anymore like we used to..
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