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Thread: God(s) are real...

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    An early moving picture o hoax in the 19th century showed fairies and people or something like that and people believed it.T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen T-B View Post
    What are the flaws in the statements which follow?

    "The power of gods, demons, angels and all other supernatural entities to affect human behaviour comes directly from the power of wishful thinking and imagination.
    "This power is generated and stimulated by personal testimony and by priestly assertions and exhortations, and it is supplemented by stories and song, by ancient and modern texts, and by visual representations in the forms of pictures and sculptures.

    "These supernatural entities are real to the extent that belief in them has real psychological and physical consequences."
    I would agree with some of the other early posters in this thread (Jarhyn and bilby particularly) however for me the most striking thing is that the first sentence presupposes the very existence of "gods, demons, angels and all other supernatural entities." At the risk of sounding like one particular atheist YouTuber I follow, I don't understand how something supernatural, that is, something outside of the natural world, could even affect the natural world. I don't even know how it could be shown that it was the supernatural causing things to happen in the natural world. You'd have to have some pretty compelling evidence and I'm not even sure what that would look like.

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