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Or is it still there? Will technology ever be anything other than a money making and social control tool
for the wealthy and governments? Will regular people ever again benefit from new technology
in capacities other than entertainment?
Because we incorporate the benefits into our ideas of "normal".
Expanding on my answer:

There was a box of my old camping gear out in the garage. I've gotten back into the outdoors and dug through it--and found that almost everything in there was of no value anymore--the modern stuff is so much better.

Also, back then one of the basic safety rules was never going alone. If you got hurt out there it would be really hard for search and rescue to find you and they wouldn't even start looking until you were overdue and someone called it in. Now, we have multiple satellite communications options and we have GPS units to make it much easier to figure out where you are. Not to mention that my boots are Gore-Tex--waterproof but breathable. In the old days you only wore waterproof stuff if we really need it, now I haven't worn anything else out there since I finally found boots that fit me.