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wow! This is a thread for questions for women. I asked a question for women. I guess I’m not wanted here. Thanks for clearing that up.
A woman answered a question and you critiqued her answer. Maybe not the best way to go here.
I did not critique it. I asked for more clarification. The question was why most bras clasped in the back when it would seem easier to clasp in front. The answer was that she puts it on backwards, clasps in the front, and turns it around. But the question was not about how a woman does it but why it’s designed that way so I asked if it “appears” simpler to have clasps in front then what is it that makes it more common to clasp in back. I guess you interpreted my post differently than that. Perhaps it is simply difficult to get the proper tone in a post like this but I had no expectation that what I wrote would be considered “mansplaining” since I offered no explanation just further questioning.

ETA: I went back to my post to read it again. I think you maybe reacted to the last part. In that part, after the question, I was stating what answers there *might* be and was hoping that one of you would offer up your answer rather than assume what I was stating was what I was saying women do feel. Because I do not know the answer. That’s why I asked.