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Thread: Why did our universe begin? (Split from Atheist wins Nobel Prize thread)

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    They have to say something, what else can they do to maintain the illusion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Learner View Post
    Which telscope would you use to see the centre of even our own solar system, telling you where you were?

    The (gravitational) centre of our Solar System is typically inside the Sun. It's not difficult to see.
    Pretty much looks the same all around in each direction, no observable edges to the outer universe at least.
    The edge of the universe is defined by the observer. Every observer is at the centre of their universe.
    Let us accept the microbes in the universe. No evidence that theres more than the mere microbes existing and having "evolved" as the creatures have on earth.
    OK. What's the evidence of microbes in the universe? What's the reason that you reject "more than mere microbes", but not microbes themselves? What's "mere" about microbes? Microbes are alive, and part of an obvious continuum of life.
    Perhaps we are alone -we certainly seem to be... as developed life-forms we ARE the centre, in that case... the Adams and Eves - the very first to advance to the current developement, out of the whole microbial universe.
    You are at the centre of your universe, and so is everyone else (including, but not limited to, microbes). It doesn't make you (or anyone else) special, important, or even interesting.

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