Former members of the Republican party, now the Nazi Revolutionary Army (NRA), gathered this week to affirm their fealty to their Lord and Master.
The first agenda item was to pray to Trump, with each prominent Bishop of the Trump religion reiterating The Big Lie to elicit and ensure the Lord's blessing:

CPAC is promoting Donald Trump’s big lie of election fraud

Reverends Cruz, Hawley, Gaetz and a host of less likely hopefuls, all convinced that Lord Donald will not deign to run for President in 2024, are jockeying for position to inherit the earth - or at least the votes of the idiots who would have voted for Trump. The Lord's blessing is considered the only requirement to prevail in an NRA primary, and while a loss in the general election is a foregone conclusion, the Holy Day of 1/6/2021 gave credence to the belief that with proper force exerted at the proper time, the power of government can be theirs nonetheless.

Formerly self-identified as "Christians" that considered The Bible a Holy Text, NRA members are now wedded to equally inscrutable snippets of Trump speeches.
Once Holy symbols such as crucifixes have been supplanted by golden idols: