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I'd be cautious about interpreting the following questions:

"Does your religious, spiritual, or secular worldiview..

...give you a sense of direction in life."

...give your life a sense of significance and purpose."

...give you strength and comfort."

Some non-religious are likely to say "no" to those things, but not b/c they feel their life lacks purpose or direction or that they lack strength. Rather it can means that they don't rely upon a "worldview" to manufacture these things for them.

Also, it is odd to combine "strength" and "comfort" into the same question since they are in some ways opposites, especially for the non-religious. For example, many non-religious view religion as a way for people to seek comforting delusions because they lack the strength to accept reality, which including coping with the uncertainty inherent to rational thinking.
Ya I took it a few days ago but noticed that also.

A large part of my work is writing, fielding and analyzing surveys and that survey was, in my view, a bit messy in that several questions/response options were subjective and sometimes open to multiple interpretations.

If I had the time or large enough interest I'd do it again and pick it apart but I have neither.