I hardly use my cell phone but need to have one. Several years ago I had my land line number transferred to an AT&T GoPhone which cost about $40 and required that I make an annual deposit of $100 into my account that gets charged about 20 cents a minute for all voice and something less for texting. So that's about $8/month, which saved me money compared to my land line, and I always have money left in there when I need to ante up again. So now the world is going crazy with 5G and my old phone doesn't meet the minimum requirements, which I understand from talking to the AT&T rep is some version or 4G. I don't want to be charged for data. I just want a user friendly phone, preferably a flip phone, for voice and texting and which I can bring to the AT&T store and have them swap the SIM cards. The guy at the store had one phone available called an AT&T Cingular Flip IV that's priced at $62 and I can keep the same plan as I have with the GoPhone. Only problem with it seems to be an issue with the user interface. One reviewer says there's a very thin ring for scrolling up/down/left/right which you need a sharp fingernail to press. Also it requires more clicks to select simple functions than is usually the case. So I'm looking for alternatives, and I'm being blown away with what people are willing to pay for phones these days. Apparently low cost phones are anything less than $500. That borders on mania if you ask me. I have my phone and my computer and I still use an old fashioned digital camera that just takes pictures. I've scanned the internet and it's hard to find anyone offering advice for my niche. Can anyone point me in the right direction with the basic requirements I need to look for in terms of what's going to be compatible with my needs? Thanks so much.