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Thread: Drawing Mohammed

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    Quote Originally Posted by skepticalbip View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Politesse View Post
    It's a shibboleth. The point isn't whether the rules makes sense, the point is to show other people that you know and follow the rule.
    That is religion for you. It doesn't matter if someone knows that the rules make no sense, even to the point of stupidity, they will continue to obey because they were told to. It does, however, explain how religions can make people commit atrocities they would otherwise condemn.
    We tend to think of this stuff as silly things of the past, that some cling to. Modern Rabbis continue to manifest this stupidity and obtuse rule making even today. For some Jews, they are told they can't even press an elevator button, but can walk up stairs. WTF, which is more "work"? The modern conservative Rabbis, instead of building a modern sane version of "not working" have made it inane circus of silly rules, almost as if Monty Python took charge of their rule making. Based on so many of their modern rules, these type of Jews shouldn't even get out of bed for the Sabbath, and keep a piss pot beside the bed...

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    Go to the NYC conservative Jewish neighborhood and it is more like conservative Islam in Saudi Arabia. Patriarchal, insular, separation of the sexes. Women's dress defined, and spousal abuse.

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