The old Borland C/C++ went away a few tears ago after being bought out. I was looking for something simple that probably does not exist anymore.

Simple to install and easy to figure out.

I installed Visual C++, there is a learning curve curve.

I vaguely remember Vi with no fondness.

Editors and the environment are part of compilers.

I associate it with DEC/Unix because the first company I worked at had a VAX. When a number of users were logged on and you started compiler you went and had a cup of coffee. And then the Unix clone Xenix when I went to work at Intel.

Vi is a legacy part of the Unix distribution. There must be tools for Unix and Linux the usual amenities like debuggers.

I'd hate to write working code beyond a limited size without a good debugger. Like tracing, source level debugging, single stepping.

That is what made Borland popular in the day.