Swammerdami I agree a being is conscious, has a brain and nervous system, etc.

However, consciousness is an aspect, attribute, of a being. It is not a separate thing, like are being parts brain and heart, from the being called consciousness. It's is the being's consciousness. Most of those here who use descriptors of parts like brain speak of it, the brain or consciousness, doing something that, in actuality, should be attributed to the being who is doing.

The brain does not create consciousness, consciousness doesn't do, etc. Consciousness is a construct it is not a thing. Is it a subjective thing if anything at all. Even as subjective the consciousness doesn't do create, or anything else beyond serving as a construct to frame notion. Don't bless it as being alive or even an actual part of the being. Hypothetical construct! No more.

That is what I call reductionist.

I agree with untermensche that humans and many mammals exhibit what we call conscious behavior. It's just that we can't package create in the construct. Color may be expressed by beings somewhat differently under similar conditions that is not proof that a construct, called conscious, creates anything. Creation, if there is such a thing among living beings is a being thing, being created.