One day Jesus was just minding his own business and suddenly a man and a small child appeared and the child immediately threw himself down at Jesus feet and started crying and wailing pitifully.

Suddenly a large crowd came out of nowhere demanding to know who is abusing the child and declaring that they would kill whoever it was. The man told Jesus just say the word and he will stop. Just say the word and the demon will leave him. Just say the word and he will be healed. Just say the word or else this crowd is going to kill you. So Jesus having no choice said the word. And the child immediately got up and walked off.

Thousands of years later we look at the story and immediately assume that Jesus must have been a charlatan since obviously there's no such thing as demon possession and obviously just saying a word doesn't cure people of blindness deafness or epilepsy. In reality I don't think Jesus had any choice.