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Thread: Napoleon’s Legacy

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve_bank View Post
    Nobody ever measures up to ideals.

    JFK was a moral pig. Women in the WH was an open secret no tne in the media talked about. His family man image was a fraud.

    His greatest im[pct was creating a positive hope for the future in the middle of the Cold War, and sending us to the moon. That cretated the American can do nothing is impossible environment I inherited as an engineer. It spurred technology.

    It is now cliche to attack the failings of those we consider the founders. Yet they gave us the COTUS and a durable framework for civil change and peaceful transfer of power. In the day that was an incredible step forward. It created the framework that ultimately led to civil rights and a black president.


    It is easy to stand in isolation and moralize having never carried any real responsibility.

    I believe Napoleon lifted restrictions on Jews and disenfranchised the Catholic church.
    If these people were brave revolutionaries whose bold visionary vigor created the rights and privileges we enjoy today...

    Why would they be offended that we use that privilege to critique the areas where their morality faltered?

    If they weren't hypocrites*, such critique ought to be welcomed by them, and by those who have inherited their intellectual and material wealth.

    What the hell good is it to liberate people from legal authoritarianism, if you're then offended by people using that agency to criticize the former wielders and symbols of authoritarianism?

    * Which, holy shit, Napoleon absolutely was...
    "Banish me from Eden when you will, but first let me eat of the tree of knowledge."

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    His penis has its own Wikipedia article, and was still being auctioned off to collectors as of 1977. Will Trump be able to match that level of relevance, two centuries from now?

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