I think it was Ipetrich who made the comment that eventually we’ll just exhausted fighting the fascists and let them take over. This article discusses that point and interviews the authors of How Democracies Die. I read that book after Trump was elected. I think this will inevitably happen here. But it will be different. Democracy is dying in America because it has failed to deliver its promises. This is because our democratic process has been captured by an elite few who control it with their wealth. This in turn has been possible due to decades of very bad Supreme Court rulings that have favored wealth over people. The result has been decades of growing wealth inequality, and growing apathy among working class voters. They’re ripe for the picking by a fascist mindset like Trump.

Don’t get me wrong, the real coup will be too hard to recognize when it happens. It happens through voter suppression bills, and through a thousand small ways, all whilst giving lip service to protecting freedom. In outward form, we will appear democratic, but it will be a repressive regime for those of us who disagree.