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    Titanic II

    Titanic II
    Welcome to the home of Titanic II
    Titanic II News – The nets biggest resource, by Malcolm Oliver

    Australian billionaire Clive Palmer wants to build an imitation of the RMS Titanic, that ill-fated ocean liner.

    That project was paused a few years ago from lack of financing, and it's now being restarted.

    This new ship will not be an exact duplicate of the original, for obvious reasons. It will have an additional deck with modern lifeboats and likely a lot of shops, much like present-day cruise ships. Many cruise-ship passengers go shopping while aboard their ships, while the most that the original Titanic had was its barbershop.

    But the Titanic II will have enough lifeboat capacity for everybody, unlike the original one, which had only 1/3 of the capacity. That was because the ship's designers expected some other ship to be nearby to help out, but that's not what happened, and many of the people aboard that ship died when the ship sank.

    The original Titanic was driven by coal-burning steam engines, while this new one will be driven by oil-burning diesel engines.

    The Titanic II will have azimuth thrusters, which can be rotated to move the ship sideways. It will also have bow thrusters built into its hull, for additional sideways thrusting and greater maneuverability.

    Not sure how much Titanic II will duplicate the original passenger accommodations, since the original Titanic had three passenger-accommodation classes, from the luxurious to somewhat cramped.

    Like the original Titanic, the Titanic II will look rather small compared to the largest present-day cruise ships.

    The original Titanic vs. the Oasis of the Seas:
    What Titanic OotS
    Length 269.1 m 360 m
    Beam 28.2 m 60.5 m
    Draft 10.5 m 9.322 m
    Height 42.8 m 72 m
    Decks 9 18
    Passengers 2,435 6,699
    Crew 892 2,181
    Total 3,327 8,880
    Speed 21 kn 24.5 kn
    Beam = width, draft = depth, height is above the waterline ("air draft")
    Speed is in knots, nautical miles / hr. 1 nm = 1.853 km = 1 minute of arc on the Earth's surface
    Titanic - Oasis of the Seas - Oasis of the Seas Fact Sheet | Royal Caribbean Press Center

    The OotS is 1/3 longer and twice as wide as the Titanic. Its decks extend upward to a little above the tops of the Titanic's funnels.

    Panamax - The original Titanic could easily fit into the Suez and Panama Canals, but the OotS can't.

    Another project has gotten farther along: Romandisea Titanic at a resort in Sichuan Province, China, far inland. It won't go anywhere but will be a tourist destination. But then again, China has imitations of the Eiffel Tower and Hallstatt village in the Alps.

    Unlike the Titanic II, its construction is proceeding.

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    So long as Titanic II avoids Iceberg II

    If in Melbourne, Australia and you want to experience the feeling
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