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I prefer repeatable observations.
How do you get repeatable evidence of an event which only happened once?

How do you get repeatable evidence for an event you can't control? The Big Bang. Whether or not yesterday actually happened.
A once only observed event is just that.

SETI had a once only event detracting what apeared to be a signal form outside the solar systems. Somebody wrote 'wow' on the paper printout of the spectrum and it became known as the wow event. It could not be repeated.

When running expedients or systems checks for an engineer like me a one time observed event would get logged in my notebook and maybe communicated to others, and that would be it if could not be recreated.

IThis is how scince works.

Back in the 90s a claim was made of achieving cold fusion was made. If true it could potentially solve the energy problems.

It went out over the net and within about 3 days no one around the world could repeat the results and the claim was rejected.

That is what a repeatable controlled experiment means.

An experiment that can not be controlled is just that. We can argue semantics, the first nuclear bomb was not controlled in the outcome, but it was a controlled experiment based on physics, and it was repeatable.

Claims of religious beliefs like visions and faith healing are nor subject to controlled repeatable experiment, as such can not be addressed by science.

Same with the paranormal. In the 80s and 90s multiple controlled experiments were set up to test for it, and they all failed.

The paranormal believers say 'that is not how it works'. If it does exist, it is outside the scope of science until it can be measured.

If people claim YEC, science using methods that have been tested can refute the claim.